Old World Heritage

Saxtons River Distillery

Saxtons River Distillery Vermont spirits combine old-world heritage with the flavor of Vermont.

Our Brands


For our Snowdrop line, we source both local and exotic herbs and give a portion of the proceeds from the vodka in support of the people of Ukraine.


For our Sapling line, we source maple syrup from local farms who boil the syrup down in classic wood fired evaporators, as well as raw honey from a local apiary.


For our Perc Coffee Liqueur, we ethically source Peruvian coffee beans from a local roaster. With only four ingredients, there are no artificial flavorings, colors, or sweeteners, and the natural coffee flavor shines through.

Since 2006, Saxtons Distillery has been making world class spirits with fresh, local character. Founder, Christian Stromberg, began with traditional recipes brought from Lithuania over 100 years ago and built upon the wisdom and heritage of crafting fine liquors that has been passed down through the Stromberg family for generations. In his lightly-heated, hand-built barn next to the Saxtons River in Cambridgeport, Vermont, Christian first created Sapling Maple Liqueur using a family recipe for Krupnikas, a Lithuanian honey  . Using locally-sourced pure Vermont maple syrup, Christian truly created “Vermont in a bottle.” In 2011, Christian moved the operation to Brattleboro, Vermont, and we now craft every product at our Grand Tasting Room with imaginative artisanal expertise.

Our distillery is also 100% solar powered positively contributing to creating a better environment and world.